The Sharing of Experience

Read testimonials from people who have planned and experienced services here.

Oftentimes the best way to get a sense of how you’ll feel is to hear directly from families that have held services for loved ones at Skyview Memorial Lawn. We invite you to read and explore a range of testimonials and get the best sense possible of what your experience can be. Please ask us any questions, any time. We want nothing more than to help you through a difficult time with ease, peace and healing.

“Excellent customer service. Great people and very helpful, they’re my angels in times of difficulty. They answered all my questions, my dad died of Covid19 last month 1/30 and being far away from Vallejo, they’re so kind to walk me through everything. This is our first death in the family, we’re all lost. Clara she’s a sweetheart, I just love talking to her, Director Chris is amazing and very caring and Holly she’s great and always ready to help. I’m glad I picked this place, it’s so clean and peaceful. We got a glass niche inside the mausoleum for my dad’s final resting place and it’s beautiful. My mom goes their everyday to visit my dad since the funeral 2/11, she feels safe in the area. Thank you so much. God bless you all.”

Ann Dominick February 25, 2021

“Thank you for the efficient and caring way in which you handled the service for our mother, Elsie Schwelen.”

The Schweylen Family

“Dear Chris, I want to thank you for all you have done for our family during the last week. My parents are both singing your praises. Your love for Christ was a blessing. Your time and thoughtfulness were appreciated.”

Stacy Hollenbeck December 01, 2001

“Dear Mr. Wilkes, The school psychologists of Vallejo would like to express our deep appreciation for the way that Skyview came to the rescue when we needed to order a memorial plaque for Joanna Berenson, our beloved colleague who died last fall. After we decided to plant a tree in her honor, we knew we needed a plaque nearby. Such plaques appear to be quite costly, and so we were delighted with your offer of assistance to have Skyview pick up the tab and have the plaque made for us. You so kindly drove me around the cemetery to select a suitable plaque and then had it made to order. We are looking forward to having a dedication of the tree this spring and are so grateful to have the plaque alongside it. Thanks again for making this plaque possible for us and for your generosity in responding to our need.”

Vallejo City Unified School District February 13, 2002

“We experienced a sudden loss in April and we were searching for a place to have service we went and look at a lot of different places in Vallejo but went with Sky View because we received such great service and comfort in our time of mourning the staff there is amazing, friendly and very helpful explaining every step along the way I highly recommend them , Thank you Angela , Clara , Chris and Staff ❤️”

Yvette De La Paz April 29, 2018

“We recently visited to arrange my father in laws funeral. Chris was amazingly comforting and communicative. A very nice end of life experience.”

Alex W. July 29, 2019

“This place is AMAZING. Although I was not involved in the planning process I was a guest and a family member who spent the entire 2 days of the service there. The facility is very nice and quite comfortable. There is a convenient kitchen area with all of the amenities. What really shined though was the staff. Everyone was so friendly and considerate. They respected our space while still checking on things and making sure their presence was apparent. Plenty of parking and the facility is well kept. They really made our service a nice experience.”

Tracie F. July 16, 2015

“This review is long over due. The friendliness of the staff and the impeccable customer service - what can I say? Thank you so much for working with me and being patient during my Dads transition. Everything was absolutely perfect!”

Y.C. July 15, 2018

“Excellent customer service and clean facility. Linda is a fantastic member of their team! We had my mother's viewing a few days ago there and used their kitchen to feed visitors. The funeral service arrangement process was flawless. We managed to coordinate the mass at St. Basil's Parish with follow up calls for updates. I love their selection of Catholic prayer cards and sign in booklet for visitors. Their team was supportive to help us lay out the photo displays and floral gifts nicely.”

Mia B. December 25, 2018

“To all my friends at Skyview, Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and expressions, caring for the flowers, and just being your special selves, I'll not forget it. Love you all, Geida and family”

Geida and Family

“Ed, To a job well done at a difficult time for my family, I commend you. Your kindness and patience are appreciated; your expertise valued. You're been a big help to the family -from major details to minor ones- we sing your praise! On behalf of the Gordon family, we thank you.”

Larry Gordon and Gordon Family

“Dear Mr. Cowan, Please allow me to express my sincere appreciation to you for responding to Eric Richardson's request to come to the Pastoral Care class and present the role and responsibilities of the Funeral Director. You did this in such a nice manner and from the perspective which all of the students appreciated. Each of the students felt this was a helpful aspect of the work of the pastor which they would need to know. As you delivered your material I could sense how deeply involved you are in your profession. You see this as more than a job or work to be done to earn a paycheck. Congratulations for this. It seems that you have correlated the work well with the faith stance you espouse. We also appreciated receiving the material concerning costs and items to know when working with the survivors of the deceased immediately following death. This presentation was valuable to the student present and forthcoming ministries. Thank you once again for giving us your time and sharing of your expertise.”

David M. McCormick (Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary) October 14, 1999

“You all went way over and beyond to make sure my family and I had everything we needed and that everything went smooth for Ezekiel's memorial. Thank you.”

Lissette Thein and Family

“I lost my father and we had no funeral arrangements in place. Luckily I called Skyview. The staff was so friendly and sympathetic. We received the best service, comfort and understanding. Thank you Ed, Angela and staff. I recommend this place 100%. The staff made this difficult moment a little easier to go through.”

Dolores G. April 29, 2019

“I have had to interact with Skyview a few times over the past few weeks due to the death of a family member. The entire staff there, especially Chris, has been professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend them”

Joshua P. August 26, 2015

“As a funeral professional, I must say the professionalism and cooperation exhibited by Mr. Ed Wilkes and his staff was very much appreciated. I had the privilege of reaching out to Skyview Memorial Lawn to assist our funeral home in the Central Valley to transfer a loved one who flew in from Chicago to San Francisco and help place her on her flight the Philippines. Being that we are 3 hours away, I greatly appreciate your willingness to help us. Thank you!”

Michael R. July 21, 2015

“One of my dearest coworkers suffered a loss in their life. The service for their loved one was on a Saturday. It's very beautiful here. The grounds are well manicured and it's just very serene. The architecture reminds me of the old Mormon churches out in Utah. Many people from all over my company came to pay their respects. There was plenty of pew seating for everyone. They put large TV's up that can be easily viewable by everyone attending. We were able to watch a lovely memorial of photos accompanied by music. The pastor, whom I wasn't sure was affiliated with this location or was actually requested by the family, was very enthusiastic. But I must say I'm not a fan of trying upsell religion at a funeral. It was lost on this atheist. Talk about the person and the love of family not how there's no way the universe was made from nothing. In the end, the actual end, this is a nice quaint little place to have a ceremony.”

Ivy R. September 15, 2016

“Skyview was very helpful, calm, and professional from my first distressed phone call to my final visit to pick up my Mom's creamains. They were very understanding and flexible around our emotional ability to make decisions and the attendants who came to the house to pick up my Mom were very professional and sensitive. They created a respectful departure the whole family felt good about. I only have good things to say about Skyview and I am grateful for their help during a very painful time for our family.”

Tracy W. February 02, 2019